PHOever Maine Story

My family immigrated to the United States from war torn Vietnam as refugees in 1989. We brought along with us our family, two suit cases of clothes, and a lot of hope for the future.  My mother worked as a house keeper and and my father worked as a line worker for Barber Foods for over 15 years raising up  6 children right in Portland, Maine. Our passion for making authentic Vietnamese dishes made us very popular with friends and co-workers.  After many years of encouragement from friends and family we decided to start “PHOever Maine”  in 2013 and share our love of Vietnamese food with you and your family! Pho is actually pronounced, “fuh” and is Vietnam’s world famous beef noodle soup. We actually couldn’t decide what the name should be. We came up with many ideas such as, PhoGasmic, Pho Refugees, PhoGetAboutiT, Pho Score & 7 Eggrolls Ago, & Phofever. Ultimately we settled on PHOever Maine because we wanted something that pays tribute to the great State that we live in now while at the same time honor our past from Vietnam.

Our philosophy on food is to serve you what we would serve our family only. We try to use the best ingredients and local ingredients as much as possible.  We hope you enjoy our food but also appreciate the story and the history that comes with it. That is why every one of our menu item comes with a little story. We hope that you enjoy the food as much as the rich history that has made it what it is today just like our family’s evolution from Vietnam to Portland, Maine. We value our past while paying tribute to the great country and state that has helped us become who we are – PHO ever MAINE!


The Huynh Family

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